dsc or java error on Meis


Dsc and Java Error ON Meis

Problems in online MEIS on DGFT & solution

While applying online for MEIS Registration on DGFT website some user may encounter a Java Error or Digital Signature is not working on DGFT website, To overcome these Situations, we are providing the some guidance which will helpful for you


Basic system requirements to apply for MEIS Registration.

Sometimes MEIS Application field and DSC is not work because your System have

 old version of operation System (like Window 98, XP etc.)

Old Java Version

Outdated Web Browser

DSC token’s Driver not installed

Please check your system should have following basic requirement to apply for Import Export Code


Operating System

Windows 7 or newer

Java Runtime Environment(JRE)

1.8.x or newer

Download the required java from the below link:-


After installing it please restart machine and try to run the application

Web browser

Internet Explorer 10 or newer (Or) Latest version of Microsoft Edge/Google Chrome/Mozilla Firefox

*Kindly Note that here we will talk about Google Chrome Configuration.

JavaScript should be enabled

Please read full article we have discussed How to enable JavaScript in Google Chrome the same with some screen shorts.

Digital Signature

Ø  USB support for token and corresponding drivers to be installed on system

Ø  Installation/Updation of PKI Setup(For all browsers) to use digital signature

You can download the latest PKI Setup from the below link

Ø  To allow certification selection pop up, please read full article we have discuused follow instructions in Google Chrome Browser wise Configaration

How to enable JavaScript in Google Chrome


if JavaScript is disabled for Google Chrome, you will get Error message as shown in below Screen.

java problem on import export code
java problem on MEIS
java problem on import export code

To resolve the above problem, In Chrome browser URL please enter below address:


And enable the button javascript Allowed (recommended) as shown in below image

How to allow certification selection pop up in Google Chrome.


If chrome browser does not show the certification selection pop up, do the

following changes as given in the image below.

In Chrome browser URL please enter the address:


Click on Enable for Allow invalid certifications for resources located from localhost

solution of DSC problem
dsc problem on MEIS

Question :- I am unable to access DGFT application from web after I have updated my Java. What to do? 
Whenever a Java upgrade is available it gets installed on client PC some times automatically These new upgrades reset the old setting and many a times impose new security restrictions which stop it from application from web like DGFT online applications. 
user may encounter a Java Error like the one given below –

ERROR WHILE SENDING OUTPUT access denied (“java.net.SocketPermission” “″ “connect,resolve”)

 If you are facing similar problems then you have to set up security policy for JVM? 


In this article we have discussed the solution and steps to remove above error.

1. Download latest version Java or Update the latest version of Java (version 8)

2. Then go to folder

C:Program FilesJavajre1.8.0_31libsecurity or

C:Program Files (x86)Javajre1.8.0_31libsecurity

3. Open the Java.policy or Java (policy file with wordpad)

4. Now copy the following content :-

permission java.security.All Permission;

Add these lines at the end of the file above/before }.

5.  Please note that if system setting not allows you to modify the content than save it in the temporary folder say c:temp

6.  then copy the file from temporary folder and paste/replace in following folder:-

C:Program FilesJavajre1.8.0_31libsecurity or

C:Program Files (x86)Javajre1.8.0_31libsecurity


7.  restart your system

8.  Go to internet option delete browsing history and temporary files

9.  Make some changes in your internet security in custom level

10.  open Control Panel /Programs/ Java and click the security option then edit site list and click add buttons

11.  add the site name (two site for DGFT IEC application) 1-  http://dgft.gov.in/ 2- http://dgftebrc.nic.in and press ok

Above settings can be used for Ecom updation on DGFT website

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